Yahoo Groups March 2007

"But basically, it's the fat bubble of fonctionnaires and corporate workers
that are dictating French politics and keeping comfy conditions in place for
themselves, while conditions for others are not paid attention to. When
sufficiently serious, such conditions tend to lead to violent revolt from
those who are suppressed - like the French revolution. It could happen
again. My wife told me yesterday that some people she talks to are so angry
that they'll be in the street if anything is organised. I think the number
of discontent people are becoming so large that real revolt would be
possible if someone sufficiently strong organised it. I'm not talking about
myself here but a synopsis of the many messages I hear from ordinary
Frenchmen directly and through my wife. I don't know the numbers, but you
have the North African immigrants who feel (and probably are) discriminated,
you have the casual workers who are excluded from permanent jobs, you have
the unemployed, you have the ones excluded from unemployment support who are
getting RMI, you have those who are also excluded from the RMI, you have
self-employed, small business owners, small traders ... altogether not insignificant."