What you need France is positive constructive thinking and discipline

Being entrepreneur in France, Swedish of origin, I started up my company in 1989. Since my installation I have come to realize the apparent cultural differences that France represents in varying ways. Trust between people, trust in administrations/governments, limits, responsibility in general, the collective responsibility, customer service, discipline, respect between individuals, for authority and in a broader sense was my national heritage that I brought with me to France. I have come to recognize the importance of my Swedish cultural background, education and values. What I was trained and educated since a very young age has over the years been very difficult to find in the country where I have decided to live, and I promise you that in the recent years it has been going in the fare wrong direction.

Being in the position of having observed the progressive decline of the French nation over a longer period of time, I sincerely look forward to the upcoming president election. It would be wonderful to see the country’s citizens choosing a President who finally is living up to the responsibility of bringing further the French heritage in a mature positive manner. A mentor is what is needed, and I hope with all the sincerity of my heart that this time the chosen personality will be a real role model. One who has the courage and intelligence to see the country from another perspective and adding the necessary frames. “Un bon père de famille” as they say in French who knows the word NO and who understands the dynamics/adjustments necessary to guide and satisfy the divided, frustrated and searching population before it is too late! Taking in consideration the accelerating globalization it takes a powerful, diplomatic and visionary person to confront the French system and citizens with the menacing reality as it presents itself here as I write January 2007. The right person will by the means of motivation and confidence help giving birth to the necessary change urgently needed here in the country of Descartes and hereby ignites and sets the course for changing its destiny.

We all know that France as a nation is very proud of their history, democracy, culture, sports and culinary qualities, so the famous question is, do the nation aim as a whole choose to again become winners and also being proud and confront their European future as such? No time for procrastinating… Time has come for a reality check. Turn France into what it deserves to become: a real investor paradise and international business platform, inspiring credibility, trust and proposing for example new modern more flexible labor laws… Embracing a brand new era with a well defined set of goals concerning matters such as, values, ethics, professional conscience and efficiency. Finding a new mental identity by reconsidering outdated habits, methods, attitudes and old outworn world perceptions, with the necessary adjustments as consequences of this study, I am sure this dream situation will bring amazing results.