Are you familiar with the word “deaf”?

Have you noticed the latent pessimism of 2007?

Do you want radical change in the way your country is being run?

We want to conserve our true values.

Are you having problems with the French administration? How about the justice system, the Police, the banks, your lessor/renter, your building’s managing agent, or your insurance agent? The abuse of power and individualism have become the rule instead of the exception, and we can see the difference in most of our citizens’ mentality. The countless errors, irresponsibility, an overall negative attitude: “shoot first, ask questions later”!!

We are facing new behavior, attitudes and dysfunctions due to the political discord and uneasiness in this world. The avian flu, the financial flu, the judiciary flu, and worst of all… the societal flu!

We would like to integrate France into Europe through its common values. We would like to destroy the immobility that we find ourselves in today because we aspire to the renaissance of a new France, without evolutionary borders or restrictions. The ideas of creativity, change, new forms of energy, and the light found on the promising horizon, one of great hope for the future.

Resistance is like a scream, or the first thing a baby does when taken from its mother. Do you want France to “grow up”?

Take control of your destiny!!

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